Saturday, 18 March 2017

Can erections happen when you are not sexually aroused?

I am sure every man and woman must have wondered about it at some point of time or other. Most of the times men are accused of being pervert whenever they are caught with a boner. Well, it doesn’t change the truth that some men are indeed perverts but it leaves us with a basic question- are men actually telling the truth that they get erections even in the absence of arousal? Let us dig into this matter further.
Why do guys get erections?
When penis fills with blood and swells causing it to stand away from the body, it is referred as an erection. It is a common occurrence in men. For most of the day, your penis is in a flaccid state (meaning it is soft). There can be a number of reasons which cause erections to happen. However, some sexual thoughts are usually the triggers for this. Young men typically start getting erections at the time puberty which is a normal thing when it comes to sexual development. It is common for young guys to experience night falls and erections while they are asleep. Such erections often lead to ejaculations which are realized only after the guy wakes up. It is often embarrassing in young males who have not yet understood the mystery behind such biological occurrences. 

What causes untimely erections?
It's also perfectly common for teenage and adult men to wake up in the morning with erections regardless of what they were dreaming about.  It could be anything from hot and steamy sex scenes, intense academic tasks or boring household chores. Usually, a man experiences several erections which is body’s way of indicating its healthy state. Such erections happen usually during REM (Rapid eye moment) sleep, in which a person dreams a lot causing frequent eye moment.
Sometimes comfortable underwear or a boxer causes deep sense of relaxation which can result in an erection. Hormones are the cause of unexpected boners which are at peak when boys go through puberty.  The rush of hormones causes erections that are not at their mercy, frequency of which decreases with increase in age. 

Types as described by men: 

Type 1 is the one in which men feel horny and sexual thoughts are hovering actively in mind. There is immediate urge of nailing anyone who has caused the excitement. It would not be relieved until the act is done. Till then, having straight thoughts is nothing less than a battle. 

Type 2 is when the erection is happening but the laziness sets in and mood is not encouraging enough to jump into the bed and actually engaging in the act. Unlike former case, there is no partner involved.  Little bit of touching is done to relieve it. The random excitement is something which happens to girls as well. 

Type 3 is when the physical stimulation is purely responsible for erection and emotions are not involved. In this case, “little boy” does what it is supposed to do. It detaches itself from feelings and reacts whenever someone touches it.  The erection doesn’t mean that the guy is aroused; it’s just his body reacting to a stimulus he is conscious of.

Type 4 is when “the little boy” stands up on its own, with no reason to be considered. This can happen anytime and anywhere. There are no sexual thoughts, no erotic magazine or videos, no company of other gender, and no awareness. Men do not notice it most of the times, neither their bodies have any reason to be excited. 

Guys, there is no need to freak out if you get an erection at odd times. It is absolutely normal to get it when you do not want one. Your body carries its own mind sometimes which you fail to understand. Relax; untimely erections are indications of your body which says that it is completely and in a fine state. They are known as pee boners, in case you want to update your vocabulary.

Guys can get erections even when they are not having any sexual thoughts.  Men have reported the same happening with them. Most of them say that were either very happy or excited when they experienced such erections. It is wise get your mind off to some other thought, adjust it in a secretive manner, or simply excuse yourself to toilet if in a restaurant or some public place. If standing in a crowd, adjust it secretly; you definitely don’t want to invite scandalous looks from unknown people.


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